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      Panhandle Health tackles Obamacare

      Over the next few months "Panhandle Health", the weekly medical segment

      airing on Pronews 7 at 6:00pm, will tackle Obamacare.

      Formally known as The Affordable Care Act, it's the largest healthcare

      program that the federal government has rolled out since Medicare and


      Some major changes are coming to health insurance. On October 1, 2013

      the insurance exchanges set up to extend health coverage begin.

      Many people have questions regarding the new law - "How much will it cost?" "How will it affect my small business?"

      Panhandle Health hopes to answer those questions over the next few weeks. Experts will answer them live during the 6pm news and then chat about it online at connectamarillo.com

      Panhandle Health: Obamacare, Thursdays on Pronews 7 at 6.