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      Lawmaker wants to change Gulf of Mexico to 'Gulf of America'

      The Gulf of Mexico

      Should the Gulf of Mexico be renamed to the "Gulf of America"?

      Sound crazy?

      That's exactly what one Mississippi lawmaker is asking for.

      State Rep. Steve Holland (D) said the bill, House Bill 150, is aimed to mock anti-immigrant legislation that he finds mean-spirited and insignificant, according to the AP.

      The official title of the bill is as follows: "An Act To Provide That For All Official Purposes Within The State Of Mississippi, The Body Of Water Located Directly South Of Hancock, Harrison And Jackson Counties Shall Be Known As The "Gulf Of America"; And For Related Purposes"

      If HB 150 is approved, the name change would take effect starting July 1.

      Click here for the full text of the bill and its status.