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      Kel Seliger plays host at town hall meeting

      As an electorate, we are always encouraged to take any serious issues we have to our elected officials, and we had that chance tonight.

      Senator Kel Seliger hosted a town hall meeting for any citizen to present problems, but he didn't hear about many of them, he fielded more questions than anything else.

      Seliger started out discussing the last legislative session and some of the struggles of balancing the state budget.

      "When you start out with a $27 billion deficit, everybody is going to have to give and everybody has different opinions about what should be funded, you just go there with the attitude that you're going with people for the betterment of your district and the state of Texas, and do the best you can."

      He then focused on the importance of shoring up our borders, and how that affects the amount of money going into our education systems.

      "The state of Texas is having to provide protections on the border that should be provided by the federal government and their expensive ones. They're almost a quarter of a billion dollars and the money is going to be spent effectively but we need to spend it on public education, the federal government needs to come down and protect our border, that's what they're there for."

      He wrapped up by praising our local leaders, and their efforts to purchase water rights and to conserve that precious resource.

      "We're lucky we have some water that if we have a strategy and we follow that strategy using local solutions like ground water conservation districts and conserve that water, then we'll have water way into the future."

      State Representative Four Price couldn't agree more.

      "We're fortunate that our leaders locally have taken proactive steps to protect and help enhance our water supply so that at least locally we've got some comfort going forward in the future about our water resources."

      Price also told us that, from a statewide perspective, our drought is doing billions of dollars worth of damage, and that we as a state must learn more about water conservation.

      Seliger says he can't stress enough the importance of these town hall meetings, and hearing what his constituents, or his bosses, as he called them, have to say about the issues facing our state.