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      Higher speed limit cruises through legislature

      Drivers in Texas may soon be able to drive a little bit faster.

      That's because the State Senate approved a bill Monday that raises highway speed limits to 75 miles per hour in certain areas. The bill also does away with slower nighttime limits.

      As of now, most non-urban state highways have a speed limit of 70 mph, the Associated Press reports. The state is one of the few who has different speeds for rural and urban areas. Texas is also the only state that requires drivers to go slower at nighttime.

      The state will do studies to determine if the speed limit in an area should be increased, the bill reads. Also in the bill, truck will be allowed to travel at the same speed as normal vehicles.

      Gov. Rick Perry will now consider this bill.

      What do you think? Should the speed limits be raised and the nighttime speed limits be done away with? Let us know!

      (The Associated Press contributed to this report.)