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      Cell phone privacy in jeopardy

      Our cell phones do a lot of great things.

      One of them, right now anyway, is keeping telemarketers away, but that could change if H.R. 3035 passes.

      This bill would allow debt collector and telemarketer calls to go where they've never gone before, and one of those places is our cell phones.

      That might happen by amending the telecommunications acts of 1934.

      One thing that could factor into the equation is people's individual cell phone plans and how they have their minutes set up.

      "Cell phones for a lot of people, you have to pay by the minute for calls that you make or receive so that's part of the reason that this has not been changed up to this point and I think there's going to be some resistance to changing it now," said Congressman Mac Thornberry.

      Many people have gone to the cell phone only form of communication, and this bill would allow debt collectors to then contact you directly through your cell phone, but right now Thornberry says it's too early to tell.

      "It's just been introduced recently I don't know that it's had any hearings on it and I think there's going to be some resistance to having it go very far."

      However, it's those collecting organizations that are pushing for this because they are having trouble getting ahold of those who owe.

      "I do think that some of these organizations are supporting it in order to make it easier for them to collect bad debt. I think that's part of the reasoning behind some of the organizations that support this."

      Thornberry says there is a lot of argument on the other side of this too, and it's a long way from being passed... even by a committee.

      Thornberry reminds us thousands of bills are introduced every session, and most of them never even make it out of committee or don't get a hearing, but as far as this bill goes, he tells me he doesn't think it will get enough support.