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      Animal Control Board to address city and state laws

      It seems animal activists and officials at Amarillo Animal Control differ in opinions when it comes to the clarity of state and city laws surrounding the safety of animals.

      Animal Activist Shea White said, she'll be at Monday's Animal Control Board meeting to discuss laws already in place.

      "I want clear, drinkable water to be a definition, and I don't think that's too much to ask for," White said.

      She also wants to tackle laws concerning the chaining of animals.

      Assistant Director of Amarillo Animal Control Shannon Barlow said, although certain aspects of these laws may not be spelled out in writing for the public, she said officers know when someone is in violation of the law.

      "I can't really answer or speak for the public," Barlow said. "But I can speak from the officers perspective that they're very clear, and they know what to look for."

      Barlow said current numbers prove state laws in place seem to be working.

      In January 2013 officers cited more than 300 pet owners for multiple violations, compared to January 2014 where nearly 400 citations were written. Barlow said the increase in citations means officers are on the lookout for the slightest sign of animal abuse. The violations include areas in Potter and Randall County, as well as Canyon.

      "We have people that are repeat offenders or their dogs are repeat offenders," Barlow said. "We've educated and educated. We've fined them and we've taken them to court. We've done what we need to address the issues."