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      Amarillo businesswoman to challenge Thornberry

      About 75 people were on hand today at the Ambassador for Elaine Hays?? announcement she will run for the 13th Congressional seat currently occupied by Mac Thornberry.

      She says, "I??m running because we??re 16-trillion dollars in debt and with my background as a certified financial planner I have a history of fiscal responsibility.

      She has support from State Board of Education Representative Marty Rowley.

      He says, "Government is supposed to be a servant of the people and instead we??re having to serve government and I think Elaine will bring a different approach to that.

      Hays says she supports a "no budget, no pay" mandate on Congress, banning the practice of Congress exempting itself from laws it passes, pension reform and term limits.

      Thornberry said today he??s currently focusing on the job he was elected to do.

      The filing deadline for candidates is December 9th of this year.