Salute the Badge: Officer serves, protects and posts to keep Canyon safe

Sergeant Carlos Hernandez of the Canyon Police Department serves, protects and posts to social media to keep the folks of Canyon safe.

"Right now in social media we are getting hit hard by negativity. We try to make it positive for the kids; we are there to help them," Hernandez said.

He's the Social Media Coordinator for the Department. He posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter and makes the community aware of the department's happenings.

It's one of his many duties along with serving as the evening shift supervisor, crime scene officer and coordinator of social events.

He's been on the force for 11 years. It was when he was young, he felt the call to wear the uniform.

"When I was a kid, I'd play with guns, corny stuff. It kind of just fit," Hernandez said.

And now, he says he wants today's kids to understand law enforcement is there to help.

"We are positive people. I love to mingle with the kids and see their faces light up when they see an officer," Hernandez said. "I'm kind of a social guy. I like to help people, help the public."

He deals with the public a lot as the head of the city's Citizens Police Academy. He invites folks that live or work in Canyon to take part in the 8-week program to learn the day-to-day operations of the department.

"It helps our community, our relationship with the public. Teach them about crime scenes, emergency response," Hernandez said.

As a crime scene officer, he's seen his share of dangerous and tragic situations.

"We get called out on a homicide, suspicious death, on-call all the time, 24 hours a day. Thank God for my wife. Being a crime scene officer you definitely get to see the worst. She's my shoulder to cry on."

And when those times are tough, his law enforcement family is there.

"We trust each other, build that bond. Our goal at the end of the day is to protect each other," Hernandez said.

And to make it home to his family, a supportive wife and three daughters.

"I love to go home at the and of the day, makes everything worth it. Canyon is a great department to work for, great community for sure," Hernandez said.

A community he protects and shares on social media.

For putting his life on the line every day and keeping our community safe, ABC 7 salutes Sgt. Carlos Hernandez.

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