The Practicing Step-Parent

Nowadays, many families are blended, meaning that family consists of a couple and their children from previous relationships. Navigating the blended family can be pretty complex, every family has its challenges. Wouldn't it be nice to have a good plan when it came to step-parenting?

Pamela Fagan Hutchins has a plan and she wrote a book about it. "How to Screw up your Kids" is a humorous and helpful look at step-parenting, something Pamela knows a lot about.

When she married her husband, he brought three kids to the marriage, she brought two. "We had to take these kids that had their own histories and memories and somehow put them together to create a new family of memories and culture," she said.

A wife, a mom to five, an author, an attorney and business owner, she is a successful woman who knows the importance of a plan. She shares that plan with her readers.

"You have to have your plan in order and be absolutely dogged in setting a realistic plan for's about taking a much more positive look and instead of focusing on all the things that are challenging about step-parenting it's taking a look at all the things you can celebrate instead...when you focus on the positive, that's what you see, when you focus on the negative you'll find it."

It's a plan she wants to share with practicing step-parents.

Find more about "How to Screw up your Kids" and Pamela's many other books at

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