The Practicing Parent: Talking Teen Texting

Distracted driving...the statistics are staggering, especially when it comes to younger drivers.

In 2007, AAA surveyed 1,000 teens and found 46% text while behind the wheel. These large numbers have parents talking to their teens about texting while driving and they're also using online tools to help them teach good driving habits.

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Michelle said she watched a show with her teen daughter about a family who lost their daughter when she was texting while driving. Now, Michelle's daughter is very much against it.

Terry said, "practice what you preach."

Pamela installed a program on her computer that blocks all text messaging and calls except 911. It's Pamela says it was worth every penny.

For some parents, turning to the device that can be the distraction may be their tool in promoting safe driving. Two smartphone apps are trying to stop distracted driving: The Drive Safely app reads texts and emails out loud and responses are sent without touching the phone. The Teen Agree app lets parents track their young drivers via GPS.