The power of social media: Final thoughts from Travis Ruiz

I believe in the power of social media. Why?

During the last two years, I have had the distinct pleasure and opportunity of leading Pronews 7â??s social media and interactive efforts. Itâ??s a ajob I have absolutely loved, which is why I am sad to announce that today is my final day at Pronews 7.

I will be joining KXRM FOX21 News in Colorado Springs where I will also lead their social media and interactive efforts.

I grew up watching Pronews 7 and Amarillo TV news. Steve Myers, Debbie Davis, Dusty Green, Lisa Schmidt, Walt Howard, Kari King, Jay Ricci â?¦ they were all my idols. Everyone who knew me knew that I would someday be a news reporter or anchor.

Working at Pronews 7 has been a dream come true. Not only because of the amazing people I get to work with every day, but because of the stories Iâ??ve shared with you.

From delivering life-saving information about wildfires, to more light-hearted stories like when PETA wanted to change the name of the town Turkey to "Tofurkey," social media has truly changed the way we communicate.

Many of us no longer rely on nightly newscasts, instead news must now come to us. Thatâ??s where social media comes in.

Social media is a powerful tool. Itâ??s a life-saving tool. It truly is word of mouth on steroids.

As a news organization, we work to deliver relevant news and information to you using new media. We dedicate ourselves to bringing you the news in the way that you want.

While at Pronews 7, Iâ??ve had the opportunity to travel to both the Republican and the Democratic National Conventions. Social media became perhaps the most powerful tool during the election. It helped us decide and spread the word about the election. It became a pivotal medium for the candidates. It made the election the most transparent election we have ever seen.

Social media is a catalyst to social change. In just the last week, we have all seen our news feeds filled with statuses about gun laws. Weâ??ve seen social media help entire countries, help find lost children and pets and of course, reunite friends and family.

Emotion is social mediaâ??s strongest quality. We are able to connect to our friends, family, celebrities and even news personalities like we never have before. Although miles may separate us, social media allows us to be a part of each otherâ??s lives.

The Panhandle will always be my home. I am beyond thankful to those who have helped me along my journey. To those who I have met along the way, thank you.

Thom Pritz, Steve Pair, Lisa Schmidt, Kayla Welch, Ryan Hazelwood, Steve Myers, Meredith Keller, Jay Ricci, Lindsey Stiner, Steve Kersh, Brian James, Shelly Sites, Lee Baker, Kale Steed, Mike Silecchia, Ross White, Brandon Carpenter, James Clark, Jill Ciminillo, Richard Harrold, Dr. Leigh Browning, Dr. Anthony Spencer, Amanda Goodman, DJ Stubbenâ?¦ and to all those who have encouraged me, believed in me and helped meâ?¦ I canâ??t thank you enough.

And to those who have trusted me with their newsâ?¦ you are my greatest motivation. Thank you.

I may be leaving, but guess what! You can still friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! J ã??