Doing what we say

I am hoping everyone has been doing well, I am sorry it's been a while since my last update but life has been crazy.

I actually just got married, I now consider myself the luckiest guy ever!

We have also added a couple of new faces in the newsroom here at Pronews 7. Jonas Rios has been on air for a little while now, even anchoring our early newscast on the weekend. Jonas is a native of the Texas Panhandle, growing up in Friona and later Canyon. Jonas recently graduated from WTAMU, we are very glad to have him onboard. Lindsey Stiner has also returned to KVII. Lindsey was a producer here a few years ago, moved up north but came back to the Panhandle and has since fallen in love. Hopefully, Lindsey will be around for years to come and call Pronews 7 home.

I also wanted to take a second and give an example of how Pronews 7 is living up to our motto, "The Panhandle Sprit." Recently, we produced a promotion that states how we tell the stories of those in the Panhandle who help make our community a better place. In the last couple of months, we helped Martha's Home raise the funds needed to buy another house that will allow them to help more women. It's all good, positive stuff for our community. Now, we have decided to have a summer food drive.

A few weeks ago, we also did a story on how low the High Plains Food Bank was on food. Instead of just reporting the story, we picked up the phone, called our friends at Amarillo National Bank and decided to do something about it. Amarillo National also convinced United Supermarkets to get on board, it's a true example of coming together for the good of our community.

Our effort to "Strike Out Hunger" will kick-off on August 9th at the Dilla Villa. Pronews 7 has bought out the stadium which means you get to watch the home team for FREE. We are asking everyone to bring some food to the game, in return we'll sign you up to win one of three 77 second United shopping sprees given away that night. That's the kind where you get 77 seconds to throw anything you can into a basket (I would head to the meat counter...but I love steak)! We will also broadcast live from various United's and will have some cold, hard incentives to try and get people to donate. The drive will wrap on August 22nd when Amarillo National buys out the Dilla Villa, allowing you another chance to catch the Dilla's for free, just make sure you bring some food to help your neighbors!

A big thanks to Amarillo National Bank and United Supermarket's for all of their support in making this happen. I think it will be great and will really help out the food bank, find more information here!

We are also going to give away a $25,000 scholarship to WT, look for those details soon.

This all goes back to my belief that local news stations have lost their way, sometime ago we just started reporting on the crime, wrecks and whatever else we could find that was easy. We are changing that, we should be a community leader, we should help those in our community, we should live it up. Pronews 7 is going to do just the Panhandle Spirit!

As always, let us know how we can do anytime!